Learning To Love The Clutch

For those of you that find pleasure in driving a manual shift you may find this topic a bit easier to take in and relate to. But if you’re like me and feel like the clutch is just a big inconvenience, pay close attention.

The thing about automatics that appeal to me is that they keep things simple. Manual shifts require a consistent additional step called the clutch. And, no matter how much I’d rather just shift gears and keep it moving the reality is, life is more like a manual shift than an automatic.

Taking the time to consult God before making a decision in our lives is similar to taking the time to clutch before shifting gears. If you skip either of those steps, you can find yourself in a bad situation that was completely avoidable.

No matter what we’re going through or how anxious we are to move, we have to remind ourselves that however inconvenient it may seem at that time, we can’t forget to clutch.

God knows every thought that goes through our minds, every decision we make before we make them. Inviting Him into each decision before we make a move is what he wants. He wants us to trust in Him so deeply that we come to Him with every decision we have to make, even the small ones. Taking the time to actually do that makes it much easier for us to fall into His will. It’s when we don’t that our transmissions get damaged, things go wrong and we end up somewhere we shouldn’t be.

Having experienced life with a damaged transmission, I’ve learned to not only embrace the clutch but to love it. My relationship with Christ is like my real time pause button. My opportunity to stop in the middle of it all and get the best guidance to make the right decisions. But even if I don’t, I’m still under grace and ALL things work together for my good. How incredible is that?

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