Fros in Boardrooms?

Natural hair’s going mainstream? Great!! The whole purpose of this incredible movement was to get more women of color to stop feeling obligated to relax their hair, to increase the level of self-love and personal acceptance so that IF you wanted to embrace your natural hair texture, you would feel more comfortable within yourself to do that. I think that we as a community have made incredible strides in achieving this for millions of women.

But let’s talk about how far we can take this self-love and empowerment when it comes to natural hair styles in Corporate America. On almost every natural hair site or blog you visit there’s a section for natural hairstyles for work to help women in corporate America try to find a way to tame their tresses a bit more than they might otherwise. There’s obviously no shortage of options because the versatility of natural hair is so robust that it allows for numerous styles including conservative updos that tend to be better received if you work in a corporate environment. But I have to wonder, will the day ever come when we’ll see fros in boardrooms?

Will women with natural hair ever feel empowered enough to walk into a corporate meeting with big kinky, curly or coily hair? Or perhaps the question is, would they receive a neutral or favorable response from their peers if they did? I don’t personally think that we’re there yet. I think that women of color are much more confident and comfortable with the natural head of hair they were blessed with, but the rest of the world is a bit behind. But, I do believe that the spread of similar feelings amongst more women will help to get us get to that point. As for where we are now, what natural hair styles do you think could start opening your co-workers up to more freeing natural hair looks?


2 thoughts on “Fros in Boardrooms?”

  1. True. We’re not there yet in the corporate world because of who is on top. I’m an attorney who currently works for a female boss who is a natural herself and she encourages me to wear my big hair out. Even in court. But I still can’t help but notice the looks I get from others.

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