Growing In Dark Places

The valley of the shadow of death, anyone else ever been there before? When things are so bad that you don’t know if you can make it, or that you even want to make it. Those dark places seem to find us all at one point or another, and with them come some of the biggest faith tests we’ll face.

“Faith it ’til you make it” that seems to be my motto for enduring dark places. Recently I was watching a clip from one of Bishop TD Jakes’ messages where he talked about dark places and was blessed with a new perspective.

He talked about how it is in those dark places where God manifests major growth in our lives. A perfect example is the womb of a woman. In this deep dark place life is formed. In the darkness of the womb God goes to work on the most intricate details and creates new life which is essentially what he can do with us when we’re in our dark places trusting in Him.

This especially resonated with me since many of my dark places came in enduring the pain of child loss. But if we can hold onto this perspective when we are going through our dark places we can leverage it to encourage ourselves in Christ.

What have you done when you were in a dark place to encourage yourself through?

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