Lifting Up Meechy In Prayer

Having very recently learned about the current events surrounding the health of Natural Hair Icon and Inspiration, Meechy Monroe I just wanted to encourage the Curly Christians nation to lift her and her family up in prayer as they continue on this journey.

There is no doubt that the Father is at the forefront of her healing and complete restoration and is working everything out in her favor.  This will be a great opportunity for an incredible testimony with the potential to change the lives of millions.   While inspiring people may not be unfamiliar to Meechy, this event which may currently seem extremely unfortunate will present her with the a whole new story and opportunity to inspire even more people and contribute to the positive change in even more lives.

Make no mistake, God is moving greatly in this situation.  Unimaginable amounts of strength and love are being distributed to Meechy and her family. They are covered by Christ and although there may not be any understanding around this circumstance the most important thing is that more relationships with Christ are enhanced through her experience, impending growth and restoration.

To learn more about Meechy’s journey be sure to follow her here.

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