The Natural Hair Journey, Is There a Final Destination?

The natural hair journey, it definitely implies that there is a final destination, but is there? When I decided to embrace my natural hair I did it simply because I wanted to try something new. I wanted to truly discover my natural healthy hair texture.

As I progressed through the first year, like many other naturalistas I soon became excited by the growth I was seeing and immediately began to wonder how long my hair could grow. I gave myself a length goal and just watched my hair grow until, I got bored. I think a lot of us get to this point. I definitely did and decided I wasn’t ready to cut my hair but was open to playing with highlights.  And with the highlights came a much needed trim.

At that point, I didn’t seem to care as much about my length goal, I just wanted to enjoy my new color.  And now, I’m at the point that I feel like I may soon be ready for big chop number 2.

What I’m realizing is that the natural hair journey goes on and on.  Just as God takes us from faith to faith within the various experiences in our lives, as long as we have a desire for our natural hair whether it’s the highest level of health, length or just continued discovery, we will continue to go from journey to journey.  

For me the best part about this journey is the knowledge I gain and the joy I have inspiring others and being different. What’s the best part about your natural hair journey?

One thought on “The Natural Hair Journey, Is There a Final Destination?”

  1. I never planned on returning natural either. Like you, I just wanted something different. When I BCed I had a texturizer. A natural hair journey hadn’t crossed mind. One day I just decided why not…it’s been 2 years and I really don’t see myself doing anything different…I’m not doing this as a fad. I just love my natural hair.

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