Bantu Artistry

There’s a certain art to achieving a great bantu knot out. The soft bouncy curl pattern it provides is so unique it almost seems to take natural hair versatility to another level.  With the coming of fall this is a great style to have in your bag of kinky, curly creativity.  And to get you going with some top notch inspiration here are a few tips along with a look at some beauties who seem to have the art of bantu knot outs down to science.


1. Always do bantu knots on dry hair. This will assure that you won’t be dealing with the defeat of damp knot outs.

2.  Use a light moisturizer before you twist. Gels may not allow for the soft bouncy curls bantu knot outs are famous for.

3.  Unscrew the knots as if you were unscrewing the top off of a bottle

4. Don’t over separate the coils. You don’t want to lose the shape of the curl pattern.







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