How do you truly forgive someone who’s hurt you?

Forgiveness is something that many of us have a difficult time overcoming, especially if it involves someone close to us.  During times when we find it difficult to move on from a situation where we feel like we were mistreated it is critical to bring it to Christ so that He  can help restore us from that pain and forgive those individuals. It’s not easy, it’s a process. But as we grow  in Christ forgiveness gets easier.

We brought the question of how to truly forgive to the Curly Christians Instagram Nation and here’s what they had to say.  What are your thoughts on how to truly forgive?

@ferris_bueiier: This might require a written confession of forgiveness and it sounds like its going to be a process…..meaning every time that you see them or think about them you have to practice forgiveness

jhean_leigh: This is a question I’ve been asking myself for the past month. I’ve learned that one must go through the motions and find a healthy outlet but it is by no means easy.

@girlwiddabigdimple: Remember that everyone is human and sometimes you won’t be the priority in everyone’s lives…

@jhean_leigh: @ferris_bueiier the hard part isn’t so much seeing them but thinking about the person is what’s my biggest struggle. Forgiveness is a process and we learn so much about ourselves by learning to forgive those who have hurt us….

@icajoja: Have to forgive yourself first @jhean_leigh

@jhean_leigh yes this is true…..thoughts can be apart of the spiritual warfare that might be associated with the person….if they were under a demonic influence its possible that the same demon that was influencing them could be attacking you. I had to learn this the hard way…..but stay prayed up #iwillprayforyou

@nisha_pana: Someone once said forgienvess is for you not for the other person.  In other word, you have to forgive yourself first in order to have peace. Once you have healed, eventually you forgive the person.

@msz_wallace: When we don’t forgive we are still allowing that person to hurt us.

@simply_kesha1: Begin to confess your forgiveness in spite of how you feel.  Pray for them even if you don’t want to and the more that you pray for them, the more God will work on your heart towards them and the pain that you once felt will be removed and true forgiveness takes place.

@longislandnaturals: Pray and then pray some more. God is the only one who can truly soften your heart if you allow him. We are weak.

@cicinspireme: I think about how many times God has forgiven me.

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