Bow Tie Fly

Bow ties are one of those accessories with the ability to cross the gender clothing line in complete dope fashion, and when they do, they tend to make a bit of a statement. And that statement is “Women can make bow ties fly!”

While some women are a bit intimidated with the idea of adorning their button ups with a bow tie, others embrace the concept.  Some find that pairing a bow tie with an outfit has a way of taking their creativity up a notch.  Not only that,  there’s something about wearing an article of clothing that isn’t traditionally meant for women that can boost your confidence.

This fall, we’re encouraging you to step outside of the box and challenge your style with this simple addition.  Here’s some inspiration from some ladies with some experience on how to really make a bow tie fly.

f0778344504c9dec0a1c6a2edbbf0ce2 house-of-ola-bow-tie tumblr_mmfu72f62X1rm2veco1_500 3f2109847ae35237fe14f4f5c0cf687d 51cda786bdd324cc0600015b tumblr_mxq0h50kdn1qbzk1yo1_1280

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