What Does it Mean to Speak Life?

As Christians speaking life is something that we should try to do on a daily basis in every area of our lives.  But what does it mean to speak life?  Well, speaking life is about staying positive and making sure that the words we speak are in favor of what we are believing God for and most importantly that they line up with His Word.

A big benefit of speaking life is the fact that we are calling things into existence as the Word of God says that life and death are in the power of the tongue. Not only that, but speaking life also helps us to work our faith muscles so that we can continue to grow in Christ in our faith walk. My Pastor always says “You have to say it’s so when it’s not so in order for it to be so” The more we speak life the more we will see positive things manifest in our lives.

We asked the Curly Christians Instagram Nation what speaking life meant to them and why is it important. Here’s what they had to say:

@evenmolovly: To pour into, in attempt to revive the will to push forward….inspire encourage maybe intercede for as well…

@nadria_cyleste: To me it’s all about encouragement. Speaking positivity into someone so that they are encouraged to go on and try to have peace within any trials they are going through

@naomi_chavanne: To speak life means to Resurrect. Maybe it may be your health thats at risk you can declare life over it, maybe its a dream that you need to come to pass, but it needs life, maybe its your confidence that’s slowly going down the drain and it needs life. The only reason why we have the right to speak life is because it lives in us. Which is Jesus Christ (who is the Way, the Truth and the Life). Where there’s life there’s progress, there’s hope, there’s light. Death cannot be found in the mist of Life. Light shuts down death. And Life cannot produce Death. Life just brings a lot of (ALIVE) things to the table. And it’s important that we speak life into our lives because only we have the power. The word declares we have the power of life and death on our tongues. So LIFE is what we should reap.

@mommasmuv: Speaking life is as simple as speaking what the word of God says about your life! It’s important to come in agreement with God and what his word says about you so you’ll know who you are and what you have in Christ Jesus!!!

@kreamykurls: Speaking life for me is spitting optimism in everything that you do. When my life wasn’t where I wanted it to be I told myself I’d become the opposite. I was a pessimist and wanted to be an optimist. As well as speaking it, I believed and tools steps into becoming that.

@exemplify_excellence: Speaking life is showing who you are through Christ and speaking God’s message.

So, what does speaking life mean to you?



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