Box Braids For Days

Protective styling is a big part of any natural hair journey, and with numerous options available it can be a bit overwhelming to decide what you want to try. Box braids are a fairly common protective styling option for naturals. They are beautiful with fairly easy maintenance and can help get you through some tough seasons depending on where you live.

In typical creative Curly Christians fashion, we’d like to inspire you beyond the traditional box braid lengths. Past the bobs, shoulder length, bra strap length or even mid back length. To add a little something extra, consider taking your box braids to waist length or longer!

This look is beyond dope! And we’ve got some beauties who were bold enough to rock box braids for days and totally owned the look. Leading the visuals is Solange Knowles who helped bring a lot attention to this great style.








2 thoughts on “Box Braids For Days”

  1. Hello I am wondering what are those gold clip ons on your braids? Where can you get them?? I see them so much lol

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