Fall Is Better With Beanies

It’s the beginning of September and just about time to pull out some of your favorite fall accessories, scarves, hoodies, booties and of cy G y a. Eourse beanies!  Beanies have got to be one of the easiest yet stylish ways to bring a little more to a fall outfit.  They are incredibly cute and fall is always better with beanies than without them.  Just one thing to remember for the naturalistas,  if you’re not using a beanie with a satin lining be sure to moisturize well as they have a tendency to dry out some natural hair textures.

Now, here’s a look at some ladies that have adorned their tresses with beanies beautifully for some inspiration!








4 thoughts on “Fall Is Better With Beanies”

  1. love it…..all the photos were adorable…i am starting to like hats and i have never really been a hat person before…mainly because my hair was too big and nothing could fit on top of it…lol

    1. Lol! That can be a bit of a problem with textured hair. I don’t think our hair is meant to completely fit under a hat/beanie. It seems to work much better when we allow some of it to peak through, like the styles here. Super cute too!

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