Let Go and Let God?

How often do we hear this? When we’re going through tough seasons believers that are trying to uplift us will often times tell us to just let go and let God.  It sounds so effortless, but how do you do it? Letting go of a situation can be extremely difficult, especially if it involves people we love. We want to do our best to fix things, to make them better but what we don’t realize is that we are inadvertently playing God. It’s our responsability to do what we can and then trust God to do what we can’t do rather than trying to figure out God’s part so that we can do that too.  But, that’s tough and fortunately God understands our challenge.

What He wants us to both realize and understand is that we are only making things more difficult on ourselves by not trusting Him.  We’re afraid that letting go is the equivalent of giving up.  This mentality isn’t much different then admitting that we’re afraid that if we let God handle things, they won’t turn out the way the we want them to.  When that thought hits us we have to realize that it is fear, and God did not give us a spirit of fear. What we may not realize is that fear often times exists because we know that God’s thoughts and ways are so much higher than ours. But that fact should give us hope rather than make us afraid.  When we’re going through a difficult season that is the perfect time to practice letting go and letting God. It may not be easy now, but the more you practice, the easier it gets.

We brought this question to the Curly Christians Instagram Nation, “How do you truly Let Go & Let God? and here’s what they had to say:

@_rdgm: Keep praying. Don’t worry and pray at the same time.

@agape78: We often leave it at the altar on Sunday and pick it back up by Wednesday. The problem is we think we can do it on our own emotionally driven. Epic fail. We must train ourselves to remember God is in control and when we want to pick it up-pray. Worship. Interrupt our own thoughts. Shut the voices that the Lord may have His way. So difficult.

@returning2natural: By resting in him!

@allnaturale34: I ask God to take it away from me!!

@longislandnaturals: I think it usually happens at a persons breaking point, they become exhausted that they realize there is no other way to stop leave the situation alone and allow God to have total control instead of thinking he asked you for help.

@msrokia: We as people of this world often get so caught up in things of this world that we forget who to cast all of our cares on…we have to remember that He is our first response, not our last resort!

@dumbonem: I pray for peace in the hard times and repeat that prayer every time I feel the worry creeping back. It’s not fool proof, but it helps. Like others said. definitely easier said than done.

@bestofsade: be still

@msmarya: Prayer & accept what’s gone and move on

@itswheretheheartis: Keep His Word and His promise before me so when I start to focus on the problem I refocus on His Word – It doesn’t return void.

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