The Church Search

Four months since my family and I relocated to Atlanta and this weekend we finally made our first church visit.  Making the decision to get out there and search was a big one…especially when our home church streams service online and we can easily stream it through our AppleTV.   As awesome as it is to still have access to a Word from a Pastor we know we’ll be fed from  it’s just not the same as attending service.

The Word tells us not to forsake the assembling of one another and as with everything else in the Bible, there’s a great reason for it.  Although things were different at this church, the Word wasn’t as in depth as we would have liked and the Pastor was more careful with his delivery, there was still something about being in the presence of God and so many other believers that was overwhelmingly beautiful.  Even our three-year old son thoroughly enjoyed being back at children’s church.

The trouble is, looking for a church to replace one that you love is not easy! When you’ve grown to love a church family it’s extremely difficult to find a church that’s comparable. The trick for us is being reminded of these key things:

No Pastor is going to be just like our Pastor – It’s easy to look for similarities to your Pastor at every church you attend  but every Pastor is different and at the end of the day receiving a Bible based Word and having a solid ability to grow there is what truly matters.

DO NOT forsake the assembling of ourselves – For us, I can see it being easy to give up on looking for a church because we still have access to our home church, but God’s Word doesn’t say not to forsake the assembling of ourselves for no reason.  We must heed the Word of God even when it’s not easy or when we don’t want to.

If you’re also looking for a church, stay encouraged, keep praying about it and keep looking.  God will lead us exactly where He wants us to be.


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