Fierce Flexi Rod Curls

What is it about big curls? They can be so classic and absolutely perfect for a romantic night out. If you want that big beautiful curly look? Flexi Rods might be just what you’re looking for.  

These bad boys come in different diameters which is great if you have shorter to medium length hair or have longer hair but want a bit of a tighter curl. You can pick the size rods that will help you to achieve the look that you’re looking for.

Take note, Flexi Rods may not be the most comfortable to lay on or one of those prep styles that it’s ok to leave the house in but these will help you achieve some of your best curls ever!

Take a look at these beautiful naturalistas rocking fierce Flexi Rod curls.





918fa912f05cad583566698f9884849e a59e290e62510d54fcc10d15832cbfae



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