Habitual Helpers

The one who’s always helping other people, the one that family and friends always come to when they’re in a jam, the one with so much love in their heart it always seems impossible to say no and so, they don’t, is that you? Being a giver is a beautiful thing, so is helping others.  God encourages this type of characteristic in us.  The critical aspect of being a habitual helper is having discernment.

Spiritual maturity is something that comes in time as we spend more time in the Word and go through different experiences.  With each obstacle we learn, we grow, we get better.  If someone is getting through obstacle upon obstacle with your assistance but coming out having learned nothing and showing no growth, it is quite possible that too much of your help could ultimately be hurting them.

God has a plan for each and every one of us.  The last thing that we want is to inadvertently stand in the way of God’s plan for someone else’s life by helping them more than we should.  Sometimes part of our growth in Christ and in life is to fall and learn that Jesus Christ is the one we need most.  No one else in this world no matter how much they love us can take the place of Jesus.  It is easy for baby Christians or people that don’t know Christ to confuse God working through you for you being their God.

Don’t ever stop having a heart to help others rather, be sure to seek discernment on if helping that individual will encourage their spiritual growth or hinder it.

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