Statement Pompadours

As a big fan of up do’s I never get enough of pompadours, especially pompadours that are creatively constructed. Big hair upfront has a way of commanding attention.  It’s bold and takes a lot of confidence to rock. The options for classic looks staring a statement pompadour are endless.  The thing about pompadours that takes the cake for me is the fact that there’s no wrong way to do them!  It’s all based on your level of creativity.

Here’s a look at some naturalistas rocking statement pompadours like nobody’s business including the celebrity icon that helped put this gorgeous look on the map, Janele Monae.  And with that, go grab some bobby pins and get creative!


de298bc9193bf8b145affe32857f6c77 fddb1e09e63f016ecc101f7774d47c07 8f79ed7297e147867e1aa88da234fb69




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