The Major Flavor Movement

I never imagined my love for natural hair and fashion having purpose outside of my own self enjoyment and inspiration.  But when God gave me the vision of creating a platform that would honor and glorify Him while leveraging my love of these mega industries He also put His Word of being the salt of the earth deep in my spirit.  He knew that it would be that Word that would help to bridge the gap between His love and desire for relationships with each and every one of us, with industries that millions and millions of people are passionate about.

The Word of God calls us the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13).  Salt serves many purposes, with one of the main purposes being to add flavor, which is exactly what I believe God is looking for us to do.  The fashion and natural hair industries present a great opportunity for believers in Christ.  Our unique style and ability to inspire others gives us the power of influence. Our curly fros, and unique fashion sense easily become the topic of conversation and inspiration because of the flavor they bring. But it’s what we do once that interest is gained that matters most.

Part of my mission for Curly Christians is to encourage believers to leverage their influence to witness to others about Christ. Does that mean that you quote scripture to everyone, not necessarily. It does however mean that you bring Christ to the forefront of your life by doing your best to exude Christ like behavior.  Love people, forgive people, show grace, tell someone what God has done for you. These are all actions rooted in Christ that allow Holy Spirit to move through you to have a positive affect on others.  God wants to use us, but we have to want to be used.

Which brings me to this! What I want is to have a Major Flavor Movement. All of the naturalistas, fashion lovers and MUAs that love Christ, leverage the major flavor you bring and the influence you gain to rep Christ! During the process, we ourselves will grow in Christ, continue inspiring others through our love of natural hair beauty or fashion, and will also help contribute to winning more souls for the Kingdom of God.  Man!  Just typing that gets me so excited!  Want to join me?

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