The Gift of Shut Up

I was never that girl that couldn’t hold her tongue or the one who said exactly what she was thinking.  Ironically enough, I married that guy, extremely outgoing and friendly, but brutally honest and very forthright in his opinions and thoughts in general.   There were times early in our relationship when he was just down right untactful! You know those situations where something so inappropriate is said that you’d just put your hands in your head and pretend to be invisible. Yea, that was me.  I’d tell him “Babe, you can’t say everything that you’re thinking, no matter how true it might be.” He didn’t get it. It took years to reign him in but he’s gotten so much better with exercising the gift of shut up. He’s actually really grateful for me brining it to his attention.

Being slow to speak isn’t something that comes easy for everyone.   But knowing when to be quiet is extremely valuable.  It can save you a lot of apologies or regrets and can gain you a lot of insight and wisdom.  Learning to listen to and heed that still small voice over the other one that is screaming for you to say exactly whats on your mind can be difficult, but with God anyone can conquer that overwhelming desire.

So, let’s stop giving in to those impulses to say it just because we think it or feel it.  Instead, pause, consult Holy Spirit  and listen for direction.  Overtime it will become clearer when you should exercise the gift of shut up and when you should speak up.

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