Cozy Cowls

As I continue getting acclimated to this fall Atlanta weather which has been feeling a lot more like winter for this born and raised Floridian, I thought it would be a good idea to check the temperatures for the week.  With lows getting all the way into the 20s I immediately started thinking about my favorite cozy and comfortable clothes.  I don’t know about you but cold weather always makes me think of comfort.   After oversized sweaters and flees socks the next item i thought of were cowl necks.  Fashionable, cozy and comfortable, these bad boys are everything I adore about fall/winter weather clothing.

Here’s a look at some beautiful cozy cowls to get you inspired.

9a3e5cd57f9c31b599488a35dbf2345d 65ab8596452964b336dea153151eccc8 6dfbc16c1a9fb46653534ebdcc8f4195 9b3a8752e04e2a84ae8b9540777b3cdc 754bdf06c8eb4599b20902065c5c047b b4fd1cb44a32bfcf0a5dc13ec8800e1b a28dd694191cf506d5141c811228722e

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