Work Hard, Pray Hard, REST

You ever get to a point when your brain is tired? You’ve been working so hard putting in so much time that it literally gets difficult to think about anything more complex than what to put on or what to eat, and even those can be challenging.  

Working in Corporate America, being the curator of two blogs and being a wife and mom all which I am heavily dedicated to, is tiring! And so, as I’m waiting for God to position me so that I can manage my blogs full time I’ve got to deal with this heavy load. But, I’m ok with that.  I know that what I’m doing is in essence setting me up for a harvest that I will reap in another season.  

Work hard, pray hard, that’s one of my mottos.  However, as I’m typing this blog from my couch after deciding that I just can’t do Corporate America today because my brain just won’t let me,  I realize that there’s another piece that is missing from that motto, rest.

When you’re ambitious, driven and wear a ton of hats rest just doesn’t feel like an option.  I mean really, we grind, we don’t rest!  Rest is for the weak, right? Wrong. Totally wrong. Rest is for the strong, for the people that trust God to do all the things that they can’t, and that’s a lot.

Rest is that place where we give God an opportunity to do what He does best, show out!  But when we’re ripping and running, we forget about the importance of rest. We all know that faith without work is dead, which means that all of our hard work and diligence is great and necessary. But rest, rest is that place where we accept that we are only human and allow God to do what only God can do. When we rest we submit to the will of God which brings forth a level of peace that is unimaginable.

I say all of this to say, get some rest! It’s Friday. Enjoy today, and rest in the fact that, God’s got you.

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