A Like Minded Crew is Critical

Making strides towards your vision is never more dreary, unexciting or even depressing as it is when you’re making that walk with people who are not like minded. Individuals without your shared vision or a vision of their own that is rooted in Christ will inevitably hinder your walk.

When you surround yourself with likeminded people there is unity and where there is unity there is agreement, and where there is agreement in the name of Jesus there are blessings.

On the other hand, no matter how much people in our lives love us, if they have no vision of their own, they develop a likeliness to criticize all of the moves and strides we make towards ours. And what happens is, we sometimes allow these individuals to speak negatively into our lives. We second guess our plans or even Holy Spirit because, these are our families, our friends! Surely they want the best for us.  What’s worse is, when God blesses our walk, the spirit of jealousy consumes them until they just flat out don’t like us anymore because of our diligence, success and the overall favor of God on your lives.

So, we have to be very careful on our life walk. A like minded crew is critical.

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