Are You Waiting On God Or Is God Waiting On You?

We often talk about the importance of waiting on God to move on our behalf as well as the importance of things happening in His timing rather than ours. After all, there is no denying that God’s timing is perfect. But what if all the time you thought you were waiting on God, He was actually waiting on you?

When I was first presented with this perspective it completely blew my mind. Why would God be waiting on me?! I just didn’t consider the responsibilities that I had in helping in the manifestation of the things I wanted. Praying, fasting, believing, these are some of the things that God has charged us with doing, and for good reason. It is these things that activate the power of God within us. But we have to be the ones to do those things for ourselves.

Jesus Christ died on the cross so that we could have everlasting life. But if we don’t accept Him as Lord and Savior for ourselves, we can’t have what He died to give us. This same principle and logic applies in other areas of our lives. If I’m praying, fasting and believing God for a house but haven’t looked for one, it is very possible that my home ownership has already manifested in the spiritual realm but not in the natural simply because I haven’t done my part.

God wants us to have the desires of our hearts that line up with his will. But He is not going to ask, seek and knock for us. He’s not going to do the things that we can do for ourselves. We need to examine the things we think we’re waiting for God to move on and make sure that we’ve already done our part. If we have, then we should remain steadfast in our faith and wait for God’s timing. If we find that we haven’t, we’d better get moving!

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