Decent & In Order

Have you ever been so excited about the possibility of something great happening that you get ahead of yourself? That was me last week thinking about Curly Christians and the different things I want to do to grow the brand. I was going over one of the ideas I’m really excited about with the Lord and asked Him how to get this thing going. The crystal clear response I got from Holy Spirit completely floored me.  “Why don’t you go and do the last thing I told you to do, first”. Yea! Left me like whaaat?!  It caught me off guard but I knew exactly what “last thing” He was talking about. It was one of those things that was causing for more work than I expected and so I thought I’d just pass over that one. Not so much.

The thing about God is He is all about order.  Everything has its time and He knows exactly what that timing needs to be in order for things to work out as they should.  As humans, we sometimes get ahead of ourselves. We want the fulfillment of success now. We want to get married now, have kids now, move our careers along now, but we don’t always consult God when these desires arise.  We instead just go on and do everything we can to make them happen including short cuts. And what often times happens is that we end up in situations we never intended to be in but we were just so excited that we couldn’t wait and so we proceed indecently and/or out of order.

So, first things first, we have to remind ourselves that it’s Gods timing that is perfect, not ours.  We must stop getting so ahead of ourselves on this life journey. There’s nothing wrong with getting excited about watching the manifestation of God’s Word happen in our lives but we have to remember that our job is to be obedient and trust God.  We should ask Him what the first step is and when He gives us the answer, go do that first step!  We shouldn’t get the answer and then ask another question or throw a fit about the answer because we don’t like it.  Let’s be mindful on our faith walk that God’s way is always decent and in order and that communication with Christ and obedience to His Word is what will get us to that place of fulfillment we’re longing for.

One thought on “Decent & In Order”

  1. Thank you so much! Go and do that “now” so that if it’s God will we can enjoy the next part of the building of this wonderful brand! As always, right on time and thanks for sharing!

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