Passing Up Gas Stations & You’re on E??

A few months ago I saw this meme and this is what the Lord put on my mind as I was praying on what to write about. God is funny.


I’m sure you’re wondering how exactly this relates to Christian living. Well, it’s like this, sometimes in life as we’re grinding going through our usual hustle and bustle, we can neglect to keep our spiritual gage on full. And consequently, the longer we go without hearing the Word of God on some level whether it be through church, reading or having conversations that are rooted in Christ and the Word, it becomes easier for us to fall.  We become more and more vulnerable to the tricks of the enemy the longer we are away from our greatest weapon, the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God (Ephesians 6:17)

So let’s say we fill up on Sunday when we go to church, by Wednesday we’re already close to half a tank and by Friday, you can just forget about it!  At that point we’re struggling not to say every single word that enters our minds.  This is exactly why staying connected to the Word throughout the week is so important. And can you imagine the potential mayhem we could get ourselves into if we happen not to make it to church the following Sunday.  We’ve gone all week with absolutely no exposure of any substance to God’s Word. We’ve passed up spiritually rich conversations, opportunities for devotion or praise and worship during our commute. We are on E and still passing up Gas Stations heading into the next week like we’ve got things under control.  That’s when the Lord starts looking at us like Snuggles is looking in that meme!

We have to remember to always be conscious of the time we’re spending or not spending getting filled up with the Word of God, because even though we may not be paying attention, the devil always is.  Let’s stay on our game by filling up, daily.

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