We Are Forgiven, It’s Time To Move On

At some point in our lives we have to learn to let go of the shame. The guilt we’ve held onto for so long is doing us absolutely no good. It’s time to accept that those unforgivable things we’ve done, are forgiven. Jesus died so that we could have fresh grace and mercy. He bled so that those things could be washed clean and we could have a fresh start. Because of the awesomeness of Jesus Christ we are made new.

That thing we did, is done. That person we were is gone. We are not who we used to be. God has forgiven us, but we have to accept it, forgive ourselves and move on. We are not defined by the wrong we’ve done. Our unwillingness to forgive ourselves has served as the perfect bondage for the enemy to keep us from what God is trying to restore. We have to let go of the shame and the guilt. It is time. We are forgiven.

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