Walk It Out

There are some people that are fortunate enough to be passionate about their career, their “day job” and then, there are people like me, struggling through passionless work days just trying to let patience have its perfect work, without going crazy.   We’ve already talked about how difficult that can be (click here if you missed it).  You do your best to find something in the job that you enjoy to help you get by.  For me its the people, being a positive influence on the pessimistic, bitter people I encounter on a daily basis.  But on the days that those people get on my last nerve I’m like  “Lord! How long?” Yesterday was one of those days for me.

I got through the day, got to my car and said “Lord, we need to talk”.  I reminded Him (because this wasn’t our first time having this conversation) about how passionless I am about my job and how I’m ready to walk in my purpose, completely.  I talked about how I feel like outside of the fact that it pays me well, my time there is such a waste of life time and how I literally feel like I’m living that saying “A lack of passion is fatal”.  His response left me speechless.  He said “No, a lack of passion isn’t fatal, a lack of endurance is”.

Holy spirit never ceases to amaze me.  He reminded me that this is a process and the process is never a waste of time because it develops patience and endurance, two things that if you fail to build can derail you from your path of prosperity, which is exactly what the enemy wants. When you’re not where you want to be it’s so easy to quit, to just leave and move on to something you think is going to be better.  I lived that life.  Job hopping looking for a better payout, until I realized I didn’t care about what I was doing. Without passion the process can seem virtually purposeless until you grow enough in Christ to realize that the process is all a part of building you up so that when its time, you can walk in your purpose with a level of wisdom that allows you to truly enjoy it.

When we’re in those passionless places of our lives, we’ve just got to walk it out.  Its like getting through that class you hate so that you can graduate.  Let’s graduate people. From passionless places to prosperity. Let’s walk it out!

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