Tick Tock, Stop Looking At The Clock!

It’s so easy for us to get caught up in time.  We often feel like we have some much to accomplish in our time here on earth that sometimes we begin to obsess over the time we do or don’t have. We think about that degree we wanted to get but how much time it’s going to take away from our lives.  We think about that fact that we are getting a bit older and feel like we’re running out of time to get married or have children, or maybe we feel that we’re just too young to make those type of commitments. Time. We worry entirely too much about the tick tock of a clock we don’t control.

All of the time we spend worrying about time are ill focused energies.  We start the year off with these ill focused thoughts and energies saying things like, “If I don’t have get married or have a baby this year then it’s just not going to happen” not realizing that we’re speaking directly against our potential blessing.  It’s funny because although we know that God is almighty, for some reason we seem to think that we can put Him on a clock.  The blessings of God aren’t based on desires or needs, but on faith and obedience.

We have to stop spending so much of our energies focused on time and refocus those energies on Christ. That is where we will grow in patience, endurance and love gaining the spiritual maturity God wants us to have to truly embrace and appreciate the blessings he has for us.

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