3 Critical Things to Consider Before You Run With That Advice

Today, I want to talk about conversations that start like this:

“God told me to tell you…”


“I know you…”

“I just don’t want you to…”

“I think you should…”

I’m sure we’ve all been on the receiving end of conversations that start something like this.  And not that it’s always a bad thing. Being openminded to the input and advice of the people in our lives can be very beneficial, especially those that know Christ.  However, the input and direction given to us by Christ is the most important information we can receive and should always supersede that of anyone else’s in our lives. So, for those times you find yourself being given solicited or unsolicited advice by someone in your life, here are 3 critical things to consider.

1. People are emotional – Most of the people in our lives have a tendency to give us objective input, typically because their emotions are a big part of their perspectives. Despite how much someone loves us, we must remember that they are human. Their fear, excitement, anxiety, etc  has a tendency to dictate their advice.

2. God does use people to help guide us, so does the enemy – This knowledge is critical. It can be tricky, but it’s so important for us to realize that the enemy sometimes leverages the emotions of the people in our lives to guide us away from the blessings of God.

3. Consult Christ, ALWAYS – no matter what advice people give you even if they tell you that God told them to tell you, be sure to consult Christ on your own.  Your personal relationship with Christ is critical. You can’t rely on others to relay messages from God for you. Cultivate the most important relationship in your life by taking ANY concerns to Him. He is always there willing and waiting to guide you.

Having a willingness to listen to advice is a good thing.  Knowing what to do with that advice is even better. People are going to want to tell you why they think you should or shouldn’t do something and that’s fine.  But what does Christ say about your situation? Ask Him.

One thought on “3 Critical Things to Consider Before You Run With That Advice”

  1. This was a great reminder! Thank you! Sometimes it is hard to know whether someone is helping or hurting you. Going to God makes all things clear. He has the final answer. ❤ Janae aka Nae2curly

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