Seed and Harvest

Have you ever receive a Word that’s so incredibly simple, so easy and comprehendible but for some reason when you throw into real life, your life, it somehow becomes utterly complex and hard. That’s how I felt after church on Sunday. The Pastor at the church we visited talked about seed and harvest, seriously simple stuff. There were four key points he used to break down this age old concept.

1. You reap what you sow. How many times have we heard this? Pretty simple. If you sow a seed you will reap a harvest.

2. You reap the same kind that you sow. Again, makes sense. If I sow a watermelon seed I can expect to get a watermelon, not an orange.

3. You reap more than you sow. I had a great visual on Sunday when we carved our pumpkin. Countless seeds within this one pumpkin that only took one seed to grow. Amazing.

4. You reap in a different season then you sow. If I planted a pumpkin seed today, I wouldn’t expect to see a pumpkin tomorrow.

I laughed and cried inside during this entire sermon. It’s so simple! But why is it so hard to understand and accept this same concept in our lives? And then I realized, the concept of seed time and harvest time challenges us in two areas that pretty much go against our nature, discipline and patience. I know I’m not just talking to myself when I say that ‘sticking to it’ and ‘waiting on it’ are two of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. You can apply it to virtually any scenario and still, discipline and patience are extremely hard to execute. This is what makes the concept so complex for us.

My three year old son is going through a major time of impatience. Every day he just can’t wait to eat dinner. I’m cooking and every 2 minutes he says “Mom, is it ready” to which I reply “No, not yet. Be patient” to which he responds “I can’t!” to which I respond “Yes, you can”. How many times does God have that same conversation with us? Can someone say conviction!

As difficult as the concept of seed and harvest may seem we can break down it’s complexities by doing these few things

1. Keeping our minds stayed on Christ. The more we grow in Christ the easier being disciplined and patient become.

2. Trust God. He cannot lie! Meditate on Galatians 6:7-9 and Luke 6:38.

3. Keep sowing. If you don’t like your harvest, change your seed!

4. Get excited about the blessings God is preparing for you.

God is amazing, and he wants amazing things for us. The application of the concept of seed and harvest allows us to build our character and grow in Christ all while our blessings are being prepared for our season of harvest. Trust God, stick with it and wait on it! You can do it!

7 thoughts on “Seed and Harvest”

  1. This is amazing! And so very true. The fleshly part of us will always have the struggle of patiently waiting but keeping our minds on Christ is always a help. And knowing that it is always worth it in the end! I love your blog!

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