Get Ready, Get Ready! Blessing Preparedness

A couple of days ago I was listening to the song “Gods Got A Blessing” by Norman Hutchins, talk about a great song to help get your day started!. As I was listening to the song it made me think, we prepare ourselves for a lot of things in our lives but how often do we really prepare ourselves to receive the blessings God has for us?

When we ask God for something, it is our responsibility to get ready and make sure that we are in place to receive what we’ve asked for. A lot of the time we don’t consider that there is some preparation and readiness that has to take place on our part first.

For instance, if we pray for God to bless us with a promotion in our careers our preparation would be something like doing the best job we possible can and consistently going above and beyond. Then, we can confidently and expectantly wait for God to move.

There’s nothing quite like confidently and expectantly waiting for your blessing after you’ve thoroughly prepared!

So, are you ready to receive what you’ve been asking God for? Well, go get ready!

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