Really Though!? When They Get What You’ve Been Praying For

You pray, wait, trust, believe, and then watch someone else get exactly what YOU asked God for. Really though!? Really.  I think we’ve all been here at some point in our lives.  It can be extremely difficult to watch someone else get what you just knew was coming your way next. Then you have to find it somewhere deep down within yourself to be happy for this other person for getting what should have been YOUR blessing.

These feelings of frustration are totally natural, for our flesh.  The challenge comes when the enemy uses those feelings to put and keep us in a bitter place in our lives and in some cases even moves us to becoming upset with God for blessing someone else with what we thought should have been ours.  We may become so obsessed with it that we analyze the other person and begin to judge them and come up with a million reasons why it should have been you, not them.

Here’s the reality, you may have no idea what that other person has truly been through on their journey and you definitely don’t know God’s plan for their life. Just because God blessed them before He blessed you DOES NOT mean that your blessing isn’t just around the corner. Instead of being down or upset, use this as an opportunity to glorify God because you know that God is not a respecter of persons He is a respecter of faith. So, if He did it for them, He can do it for you! Praise God in advance of your blessing.  Your heart towards others during situations like this is a big determination of your spiritual maturity.

God has NOT forgotten you. Remain steadfast in your prayer, patience and faith.  You will get what you prayed for, or, you’ll get something better.

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