Activating The Power Of God

After about an hour of trying to find the right words to start this blog post, It’s become pretty apparent that  Holy Spirit just wants me to get to the point on this one. No finessing of words or setting the stage.  Today, I’m jumping right into figuring out how in the world to activate the incredible power of God in our lives.

1. Be Bold and Know Who You Are – I used to be so afraid to ask God for anything, I felt so unworthy and I was right.  I am unworthy, but God loves me in spite of that.  Once I accepted the fact that I am righteous through Jesus Christ, I got bold.

2. The Word of God – The power of God is locked up in His Word.  If we don’t know the Word of God we’re going to have a hard time activating its power in our lives.  The five years I spent trying to have a baby I found several scriptures that applied to my situation and spoke them consistently, even if they didn’t line up with my reality.  The Word of God supersedes any situation.

3. Believe – This is usually the hardest part. I know it was for me. We get so caught up in actualities and how long it seems to be taking that we become crippled in our faith.  We have to be steadfast in our faith, remember the fourth key of seed and harvest (read it here), and know that God is not a respecter of persons, He is a respecter of faith.

We serve an incredible God through which all things are possible. The more we work at activating His power in our lives the more incredible manifestations we will see. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

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