4 Style Ideas To Stay Cool In The Summer

Staying cool during the summer with beautiful but thick natural hair can be tricky! You want to showcase the awesomeness of your texture but don’t want to have a heat stroke while you also attemp to enjoy the summer sun.

Well, here are 4 style ideas to help you stay cool and chic!

1.  Get tapered: Tapered styles are a chic way to stay cool during the warmer seasons. Plus you can start growing it back out when Fall comes back around…unless you get attached to the short back and sides style.

2.  Bun it: Buns are the best for naturals with medium to long length hair! From messy mega buns to sleek twisted topknots there are countless ways to rock a bun and stay cool.

3.  Add a twist or braid: Getting creative with twisted or braided updo’s is another great way to stay cool and still showcase your tresses. As my personal all time favorite go-to for styling, the options for creative updo styles are endless!

4.  Mini Twists or finger coils: These are both great ways to allow your scalp to breathe during the heat of summer. They are very chic and still allow for plenty of styling versatility.

One thought on “4 Style Ideas To Stay Cool In The Summer”

  1. Hello TJluvsbeingnatural !

    FYI- Was eager to see what tidbits you could share regarding the fro and the summer flow… However, just letting you know that I attempted to read this post further but could not find the page once I clicked the links…

    Bless! Mary

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