God’s Purpose Trumps It All

In a friendly game of spades we know that spades trump every other suit, unless of course if you’re playing with the deuce of diamonds as the high deuce followed by the next high card, the little joker. But nothing, nothing can trump that big joker. Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that our life is like a game of spades, although sometimes it might feel like it. What I will say is that Gods Purpose for our lives is much like the big joker in that it trumps everything. 

Most of us have come up with some general plan for our lives.  Go to college, start a career, get married, have kids or whatever the case may be. What we don’t always account for is the fact that the enemy also has plans to come against us. The blessing of it all is that God’s purpose supersedes all of that. Does this mean that God doesn’t want us to achieve or have the things we planned for. Absolutely not! It just means that in the mist of our plans, the enemy’s plans and whoever else’s plans for our life, God assures that everything that occurs will work together for our good.

In all of the twists and turns, and book after book the enemy seems to win, God finds a miraculous way to use all of those things to build us into exactly what He wants us to be for exactly what He wants us to do. Those trials and hardships are not purposeless! In them God is building our patience and endurance, the understanding and deepening of our love and relationships, and increasing our faith and trust in Him.  And believe it or not, all that goodness takes time to obtain. 

So, as we go through life trying to work the plans we’ve set for ourselves, let’s not forget that Gods purpose supersedes the devil’s plans our plans, or anyone else’s plans. God’s purpose trumps it all! With that, we can make our way through difficult seasons that may come knowing that Gods faithfulness will not let us fall but will rather bring us out wiser, stronger and better so that we can ultimately fulfill His purpose for our lives, even if we have no idea what that is just yet. 

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