What Are You Waiting For?

So, Holy Spirit led me to ask this simple question this morning. What are you waiting for? Often in our lives we procrastinate on making moves that have the potential to take us to the next level in our careers, spiritual or emotional lives. Most of the time it’s because we are afraid, afraid of the unknown. We ask ourselves questions like “What if it doesn’t work out?” But, what if it does?? We may also ask ourselves “What if I get hurt again?” But what if you experience love on a completely new level? We may even trick ourselves into believing that we’re waiting on God to move, when in reality He’s waiting on us.

We can’t live our lives constantly contemplating these negative “What if’s”!  That’s how we miss out on the greatness that God has for us.  Consult Christ with your desires and let Holy Spirit guide you.  If it challenges your faith, lines up with the Word of God and makes you uncomfortable, it’s likely that it’s a growth move that has the potential to change your life in a great way! Stop being afraid! Start being bold in your actions and your faith in God. God is moved by faith, the enemy by fear. 

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