3 Tips To Truly Trusting God

How often do we hear the phrase “Trust God”? As Christians it’s one that tends to stick with us, and rightfully so. It’s impossible to reap the complete benefits of believing in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior if we don’t trust him. Sometimes the things we go through in life leave us scarred and seemingly paralyzed in our ability to truly trust God.  Here are 3 tips to help you in your effort to trust God, truly trust God.

1. Build a relationship – have you ever tried to trust someone you didn’t know. Seems like a pretty crazy concept. It’s no different with God. You have to build a relationship with Him if you want to truly trust Him. Talk to Him, tell Him how you feel. Ask Him to talk to you. The more you grow to know Him, the more you will trust Him.

2. Build your faith – there’s a reason the bible says that faith comes by hearing. The more that we recite or listen to the promises of God or the stories of the great things He’s done, the more that we build up our faith. 

3. Be patient – your journey to truly trusting God is one that takes time. Your consistent effort is what matters most. Will you have setbacks? Sure, but if you get back in the saddle you’ll see that those setbacks are actually beneficial to your spiritual growth.  If you really want to trust God but are having a tough time, don’t beat yourself up. Be consistent   with tips 1 and 2 and it’s only a matter of time.

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