Today’s The Day You Become BOLD

You know that big crazy awesome idea you have but you haven’t stepped into? That thought that’s been hanging over your head for years and you’re wondering why it just won’t go away? That thing that has you feeling so unfulfilled because you’re just too afraid to ask God to help you get it? Well, now is the time. Today is the day that you fully accept and understand this scripture that you likely know all too well but haven’t yet embraced: “You have not because you ask not.”

Today is the perfect day to stop fearing the what ifs, to stop fearing failure or even success. Today is the day that you step boldly into whatever it is you know that God is calling you to do. The business, the book, the relationship, the degree, whatever it is, you will never be fulfilled in your life until you start walking in faith in the direction you’re being called.

God has so many amazing things waiting for you. But, they all reside on the other side of your fear and the decision to open your mouth and ask God to help you attain what you’ve felt was unattainable. NOTHING is impossible with God!  Today is the day you will choose to trust God, and although you may not know how things will work out, you will give it your best effort and ask God to carry you the rest of the way. Yep, today is the day you become as bold as a lion. 

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