Why It’s Not About Your Happiness

We are a generation focused on happiness. For many of us we measure how good our lives are by our level of happiness. The challenge is, everything that makes you feel good isn’t good for you and some of the things that make you feel horrible are exactly what you need.  

The most valuable thing I’ve learned about happiness is that the mere feeling of being happy is predicated on what happens in your life. And when we measure the goodness of our lives on how we feel from season to season we lose sight of things like growth, steadfastness, faith and joy. All areas in which Holy Spirit specializes.

Does God want us to be happy? Sure, but more than that He wants us to prosper or be whole in every area.  He is the only one who fully knows and understands that wholeness. So while we may be in a difficult season that isn’t necessarily making us happy it could be working in favor of making us whole. 

Be careful about decisions that you make just because you’re not happy. There’s a reason why God tells us to lean NOT on our understanding. Consult Christ always, but especially when your feelings are leading you. The enemy uses our feelings as an area of weakness to drive us into places we shouldn’t be.

This life of yours, it’s not about your happiness. It’s about so much more. It’s about growing in Christ, being the best you possible and learning to lean on and trust God in every aspect of your life. Those are much more meaningful and offer something much stronger and long lasting than happiness. Joy.

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