Why They’re Throwing Shade At Your Vision

Sometimes God will give us a vision of what He wants us to accomplish and we get so excited that we want to share it with others. The trouble with that is not everyone is going to support your vision. Some people don’t want to imagine you accomplishing such amazing things and they will throw a ridiculous amount of shade at your vision, and you, for even thinking that you can achieve such awesomeness. What they may fail to realize is that the Holy Spirit lives on the inside of you and you can do anything through that power. On the other hand, they may know good and well of your potential but because of their own personal issues, just don’t want to see you on top.

Remember, people want to see you do better, but never better than them.  Sometimes, this statement is more true for the people closest to us than anyone else.  So, be careful who you share your vision with.  It may even be a good idea to start looking at the visions, ideas and revelations that God gives you as personal, intimate pieces of information. And unless God directs you to discuss that information with someone else start  treating it like it was only meant for the two of you.

One thought on “Why They’re Throwing Shade At Your Vision”

  1. omg i was about to start clapping while reading this…everything you said was so true. Especially this line: “people want to see you do better, but never better than them”. This is so true, but so sad..i am the type of person that i think thee is room for everyone to bloom and do what they want. Everyone is different asnd we are all here to share our dreams, goals, etc. But hey, you cant change anyone, some people are just miserable. (shoulder shrug)

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