Why They Think You’re crazy

Have you ever tried to explain your faith to a non-believer, or share your dream with someone with no ambition? Its as if they try to make you feel like you’re crazy. And well, according to the world, you are.

Speaking life is one of those things that us crazies do. It’s something that realists, matter of fact or typical individuals struggle with. You see, speaking life requires you to speak what hasn’t yet occurred. My pastor often says “You have to say its so, when it’s not so, in order for it to be so”. Sounds crazy right? To most people, yes. But, to believers in God’s word, and His power, absolutely not. It’s the essence of faith, and we don’t just depend on it, we walk by it.

Faith is what keeps us moving. It keeps us pounding away at accomplishing our dreams knowing that God won’t let us fall. The thing is, everyone’s not going to get that. They’re not going to understand your drive or believe in your dream the way that you do, but they don’t have to, you do! Don’t expect people to understand your grind when God didn’t give them your vision. Its the bold crazy individuals willing to believe the impossible that accomplish amazing things.

We serve a limitless God. Stop worrying about people thinking that you’re crazy and live your life like you know that all things are possible with God. Believe Him for the big things other people can’t even imagine. And if you feel a bit out of place with your family or friends because their faith isn’t as strong as yours, don’t worry. Your belief might just change someone else’s life. Keep stretching yourself and believing God for that crazy thing no one thinks is possible. God will show up and show out because of your faith.

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