The Key To Moving Mountains 

God is moved by faith, not by need, desires or desperation. Last night the Lord put these words on my heart and I’m glad He did. Sometimes we tend to forget this and while God loves us dearly and cares about our needs and desires, it is impossible to please Him without faith. Faith is the key to activating the power of God in our lives. Read more about that here.

No matter how desperate we may be, or how badly we need something, the power of God does not move through that desperation for a fulfilled need. Our personal faith in God and His ability to provide what we need is what causes that amazing power to go to work in our situation and our lives. But that faith requires trust, and trust is built through relationship. This is one of the many reasons why our personal relationship with Christ is so important.

God is willing and able to give us what we need but, we have to believe. He is not a respecter of person, he’s a respecter of faith. When we’re trying to move mountains it helps to know what works and what doesn’t. Faith works.

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