About Us

Who Are We?

A one of a kind online destination where curls, clothes, beauty, and Jesus Christ collide.  Created in February of 2014, Curly Christians was founded by  Tawanda Johnson in an effort to bring three mega industries together on one platform headlined by the amazing love of Jesus Christ.  May seem a bit odd but when you love hair, makeup and fashion, BUT, you love Jesus more, this is where you end up.

Why Are We here?

We are here to inspire you, encourage you and uplift you. Simple as that.

Why Are You Here?

Because God lead you hear. We can’t be exactly sure why but there’s definitely a reason so, have a look around.

Please Note:

Because Curly Christians provides inspiration in the areas of natural hair and fashion, our social networks and blog may feature various pictures of women who may or may not be Christian. Inspiring Christian women is important to the mission however, inspiring others with a love for natural hair and/or fashion who may not know Christ is also important. Curly Christians provides an opportunity for these individuals to be inspired in the areas that they are passionate about while being exposed to the knowledge of Christ.

3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Do you have a newsletter of some sort to which I may be added? Your website is exactly what I’ve needed and is who I am, a Christ-follower with curly hair!!! Lol

    1. Hi Leah! We’re so glad you found us. We have a lot if exciting things on the horizon and a newsletter is one of them. We’ll have more information in the conning months so stay tuned!

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