We absolutely love natural hair! Kinky, curly, coily, we love it all.   As the natural hair movement continues to expand we encourage women to embrace their natural hair texture as another way to get to know the woman God created.  Breaking historical societal norms setting the curls free and turning heads are just bonuses.

What you will find here:

Inspiration – You’ll find a ton of natural hair inspiration/ideas in various forms to help keep your natural hair journey fun, healthy and exciting.

What you won’t find here:

Pressure to go natural – as much as we advocate natural hair we vow not to be big chop bullies! We will not encourage anyone who isn’t interested in going natural to big chop or transition.  Embracing your natural hair is a personal decision and we respect every woman’s right to that decision.

With that being said, check out our natural hair section here!

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