Tempted To Turban

Perfect for bad hair days, lazy hair days, creative hair days or hot summer days, turbans are a great way to adorn your tresses with style. Of course you have to be bold enough to rock one of these bad boys, and if you are, oh how you can widen your hair styling versatility. But, if you’re not sure that you could pull off a turban or head wrap these beauties will definitely tempt you to try.







Color Patch Perfection

It’s spring and we’re stuck on color! Check out these ridiculously dope color patches. At first sight they may seem a bit odd or out of place, but give it a minute and you quickly realize how perfectly awesome they are. Are you bold enough to rock a color patch?

Shout out to all of these perfectly color patched beauties!







Pressure to Big Chop

Although it probably goes without saying I am a huge advocate of natural hair and the process of transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. With that being said, I want to address the looming spoken and unspoken pressure to do the big chop. We all probably know a lot of women who are currently transitioning which is very exciting. Some are considering the big chop while others are adamant that it’s not for them. Perhaps you’ve recently been over encouraging the big chop based solely on your personal experience. Think about it? Has that been you? I know that I have definitely been guilty. As much as we may advocate natural hair, I think that we should vow to no longer be those women telling everyone we know who is transitioning to chop off their hair. Say it with me: “I will not be a big chop bully!”

Everyone’s natural hair journey is different and heavily based on personal preference. BE YOU through your transition. If you are at a time in your life where who you are is a little fluid and in the process of changing for the better, great! Embrace that. But don’t be bullied into chopping off your relaxed hair if you’re just not ready. With proper hair care you can successfully transition to natural hair without doing the big chop. Numerous women have accomplished this without damaging their growing curls. What’s most important is the reason behind your choice to not do the big chop.

If your reasons for not doing the big chop are rooted in fear then the big chop might be just what you need! If insecurities are the reason for you not doing the big chop, the big chop might be just what you need! If you’re transitioning, this is the perfect time to demolish your insecurities by confronting them embracing them and learning to love yourself completely. If you have a big head, love it!, A big nose, love it! Remember, You were fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of the all mighty God. You were created perfectly for His perfect purpose for your life and you are beautiful!


Colored For Spring

Spring might just be the perfect season to consider adorning your naturally curly tresses with highlights. Flowers are blooming and we start seeing more of the gorgeous sun. Adding some color to your curls might give you the boost you need to release the effects of that winter vortex and start embracing spring. Here are some fabulous looks we came across that may inspire you to take that leap into spring style starting with your kinks, curls and coils! Don’t forget, deep conditioning and moisturizing are key in maintaining color treated hair. Seal in that moisture several times a week to protect your ends and retain length.







Ready to push?

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re meant for more than what you’re doing? More than your 9 to 5 or career path that you’ve worked so hard to get your bachelors degree and even your Masters degree in to help foster? I feel like I’ve been pregnant with the concept of Curly Christians for years. Brining my passion for Christ together with my love for naturally curly hair has been buried inside of me trying to find a way out. Waiting for me to embrace the idea of inspiring people for a living. Encouraging others to grow in Christ and work towards fulfilling their own purpose in Christ. It’s perfect. Perfect for me. And I finally reached a point of being so uncomfortable in this life purpose pregnancy that I decided to push. What about you? What’s your purpose pregnancy are you enduring? But more importantly, are you ready to push?