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How The Enemy Is Using Your Past Against You

“The only one that brings up your past is the enemy.”  When I first heard my Pastor say this I was like “Wow!” Ever since then, every time I think about my past I make sure to evaluate the root of the thought.  Is it making me happy or sad, afraid or courageous.  Nine times out of ten it’s nothing positive which tells me immediately that the enemy is trying to bind me by bringing memories from my past to the forefront.  I immediately take those thoughts captive and remind myself and the enemy that I am a new person in Christ and that just because something bad has happened to me in my past doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again.

We have to be careful with our thinking, especially as it relates to our history.   Constantly reliving mishaps of our pasts over and over again in our minds puts us in bondage! We become so afraid to do anything because we’re afraid of experiencing the failure, pain, guilt, etc. we’ve felt in the past.  Unless you’re remembering how God brought you out of a certain situation, snatch those negative thoughts out of your mind and bring them into agreement with the Word of God!  Old things passed away behold all things are new.   God wants you to focus on what’s in front of you not behind you.