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3 Tips To Letting Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear

It’s easy to find excuses as to why we’re not ready to actively start working towards our dreams.  But no matter how we look at it, the root of those excuses is always fear. The thing to always note about fear is that it is not of God. The word tells us that God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power, love and sound mind. So, whenever fear creeps into our decision making we have to immediately realize that it is the enemy.

The enemy uses fear to keep us complacent. He doesn’t want us to have everything that God has for us. If he can keep us consumed in our fear we will never have it. Here are 3 ways to tell the enemy to kick rocks and let your faith be bigger than your fear.

1. Learn who you are in Christ (there’s a reminder here) and remind yourself every time the enemy tries to bury you in fear.

2. Know that ALL things work together for your good. Even the things the enemy intended for bad.

3. Consult Christ in your plans and desires. We want to be sure that we pass any ideas we have by the Lord. Ask Holy Spirit to guide and lead you. He always will. You can find a few tips I like to use on discernment here.

That’s it! Lets stop allowing fear to dictate our lives. Cling to the word of God and trust Him even if you have no idea how it’s all going to work, especially when you have no idea how it’s all going to work. Because when it does, they’ll be know doubt in your mind that it was God.

Caught Up In Confirmation

Why is it that when God gives us a Word or some form of direction for our lives we want to wait for someone else to consign His assignment for us? That’s just crazy! But we do it all the time. We look for confirmation to do what God has already told us to do. Why?  Well, most of the time it boils down to one thing, fear. The majority of the time we’re just afraid. Afraid of failure, afraid of doing the wrong thing, afraid that God’s will won’t align with our personal desires. Fear.

Waiting for someone else to assure that the Word that God gave us is real is not only crazy, it’s dangerous.  No one is more in tune to our lives and our best interests than our Lord and Savior.  Not our friends, family or even our spouse.  And the truth of the matter is, the people we love won’t always understand or agree with the things that God has told us to do.  We’re looking for confirmation from people that have no idea what greatness God has in store for us, allowing them to speak into our lives as we move in the opposite direction God has called us.  This is why our personal relationships with Christ are so critical.

Now, seeking counsel in general is not a bad thing.  Sometimes we struggle with discernment and may not be sure that it’s God leading us in a certain direction.  In those cases I would definitely recommend leveraging three keys which I’ve outlined here.  But be careful that you don’t get caught up in confirmation.  If God has told you to do something, trust His word over anyone else’s, anyone.  Even if it makes absolutely no sense at all, trust God.  Don’t let the enemy steal what God has for you because you didn’t get confirmation on your next move.  He will clear the path before you and everything will fall in place as you glorify Him along the way.

Growing in Discernment

Today’s Scripture
Isaiah 11:2-3
“And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord; And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the Lord: and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears:”

Today’s Word
Jesus lived His life by discernment. His discernment was not based on the superficial senses of His flesh, it was the result of His intimate communion and relationship with His Father God.This same gift of discernment is available to you and me through our relationship with God. So how does it work? Before you do anything, you must quickly check with your spirit to see if the thing you are about to do is OK. If you have peace, then proceed. But if you are uncomfortable, confused or frustrated, remain still.
For instance, at times I’ve been at the mall getting ready to purchase something, but before I reached the checkout counter, I sensed a frustration in my spirit, which was like a nudge from the Holy Spirit not to make the purchase. The exciting thing about moments like these is every time you and I choose to listen to and follow the Holy Spirit’s promptings, our spirits grow stronger in God, and more and more of God’s power is released in our lives to operate in the fruit of the Spirit. Yield to the Holy Spirit and follow His promptings, and you will grow in the same discernment that Jesus walked in.

Today’s Prayer
God, I don’t want to make decisions based on my own fleshly desires. I want to walk in discernment. As I check with You when I’m making decisions, frustrate the desires I have that are not of You, and give me peace to follow Your way. In Jesus name. Amen.

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Discernment: 3 Questions That Help

Discernment, now there’s a spirit I’m sure we all wish we had a bit more of.  As we continue on our faith walks it can be hard at times to tell if a certain situation that comes into our life is of God or not.  We want to be sure that we make the right decisions, that we continue in the direction that God wants us to go. Trouble is, knowing what to do isn’t always as clear as we’d like it to be.

The spirit is willing to do what God wants us to do and go where He wants us to go, but our flesh isn’t quite as up for moves of obedience.  This is where we have to be careful.   We each have our own desires and although what we want may not correlate with what we need, we can become so passionate about our desires that we allow them to supersede that still small voice. When we do this, it makes way for the enemy who will try to use our personal desires to trick us into moving either too quickly or completely in the opposite direction of God’s will for our lives.

The spirit of discernment enhances along with our personal relationship with Christ.  But, as we continue on that journey of getting to know Him more and more there are three key questions that we can ask ourselves that can help us answer the question “Is that you God?”

1. Does it line up with the Word of God?  It’s always a good idea to analyze the options to the decision you have to make to determine which one most aligns with the Word of God. God will never ask you to do something that goes against His word.

2.  Does it stretch your faith? God loves taking us from faith to faith.  Ask yourself if the decision you have to make requires you to challenge and stretch your faith beyond its current state. It could be that God is looking for you to trust Him more.

3. Does it make you uncomfortable? Growth isn’t typically something that feels good. More times than not it’s actually down right uncomfortable.  Could it be that God is trying to ignite a growth spurt in your life? We have to be careful with this one that we don’t mistake uncomfortability for fear.  Fear is not of God.  The enemy often uses fear to keep us from going to get what God has for us.

That’s it, three short questions to help discern if that opportunity that’s popped up in your life is of God. Before making a decision, especially a big one I’ll always ask myself these three questions.  It’s amazing to me how this process has helped develop the spirit of decrement within me. Give it try.

Habitual Helpers

The one who’s always helping other people, the one that family and friends always come to when they’re in a jam, the one with so much love in their heart it always seems impossible to say no and so, they don’t, is that you? Being a giver is a beautiful thing, so is helping others.  God encourages this type of characteristic in us.  The critical aspect of being a habitual helper is having discernment.

Spiritual maturity is something that comes in time as we spend more time in the Word and go through different experiences.  With each obstacle we learn, we grow, we get better.  If someone is getting through obstacle upon obstacle with your assistance but coming out having learned nothing and showing no growth, it is quite possible that too much of your help could ultimately be hurting them.

God has a plan for each and every one of us.  The last thing that we want is to inadvertently stand in the way of God’s plan for someone else’s life by helping them more than we should.  Sometimes part of our growth in Christ and in life is to fall and learn that Jesus Christ is the one we need most.  No one else in this world no matter how much they love us can take the place of Jesus.  It is easy for baby Christians or people that don’t know Christ to confuse God working through you for you being their God.

Don’t ever stop having a heart to help others rather, be sure to seek discernment on if helping that individual will encourage their spiritual growth or hinder it.