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The Answer To Your Indecision

You’re so focused on this decision that it’s started to consume you. It’s constantly on your mind.  You spend much of your days and nights weighing the pros and cons of your options and still end up unsure.  Maybe your emotions are heavily involved and dictating the choice you’re leaning towards.  Or maybe you’d rather not make a decision at all because it’s just too hard.  Lord knows that I have been in both of these scenarios and when it comes to big decision making, the answer is this, change your focus.

You’re too caught up, too overwhelmed and too consumed by the choices in front of you to make a sound decision. So, rather than continue to focus on the situation and your options, focus on God.  He is the only one that truly knows the best choice for you. Stop trying to figure it out on your own when you have access to the spirit and Word of God that can and will guide you to making the right choice.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  All of the contemplating that you’re doing is the sheer essence of leaning on your own understanding. Stop! Instead, bring the situation to God in prayer and focus on His Word.  The more you get His Word on the inside of you the more clearly you will hear that still small voice guiding you in the direction that you should go.

Decision making encourages our growth in Christ. But in order to take advantage of those opportunities for growth we have to first realize that the decisions we face are not there for us to make them alone. They are there for us to utilize the readily available help that we have access to in Jesus Christ.  I’m not saying that it’s easy.  But as difficult as some of our choices may be we’d rather suffer through the decision making than trust and submit to the will of God. But why? Fear. We’re afraid that what we want for ourselves may not be God’s will for us.  It’s a trick of the enemy. DO NOT be afraid. God wants to give you His best, let Him. Submit to His will.   If you don’t get what you want it’s because He has something better.

Bottom line is this, change your focus. Stop stressing, worrying, and losing sleep about this decision you have to make. Take it to God. Tell Him that you’re trusting in Him to guide you in the direction you should go. And tell Him that despite what you may want, staying in His will is what’s most important because you know that the best life you can have only comes in lining up with His will.  Then, get in His Word, keep your focus there and watch what happens.

Joshua 1:8 – Mediate on the Word night and day. Then you will make your way prosperous and you will have good success.

3 Tips To Letting Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear

It’s easy to find excuses as to why we’re not ready to actively start working towards our dreams.  But no matter how we look at it, the root of those excuses is always fear. The thing to always note about fear is that it is not of God. The word tells us that God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power, love and sound mind. So, whenever fear creeps into our decision making we have to immediately realize that it is the enemy.

The enemy uses fear to keep us complacent. He doesn’t want us to have everything that God has for us. If he can keep us consumed in our fear we will never have it. Here are 3 ways to tell the enemy to kick rocks and let your faith be bigger than your fear.

1. Learn who you are in Christ (there’s a reminder here) and remind yourself every time the enemy tries to bury you in fear.

2. Know that ALL things work together for your good. Even the things the enemy intended for bad.

3. Consult Christ in your plans and desires. We want to be sure that we pass any ideas we have by the Lord. Ask Holy Spirit to guide and lead you. He always will. You can find a few tips I like to use on discernment here.

That’s it! Lets stop allowing fear to dictate our lives. Cling to the word of God and trust Him even if you have no idea how it’s all going to work, especially when you have no idea how it’s all going to work. Because when it does, they’ll be know doubt in your mind that it was God.

He Holds It All Together

Today’s Scripture
Colossians 1:17
“And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.”

Today’s Word
Colossians 1:17 is a pretty awesome scripture. It tells us Jesus is holding EVERYTHING together. Wow! Even people who don’t realize this are held together by Him. Think about it. We can’t have a good marriage if Jesus isn’t holding it together. If Jesus isn’t leading and guiding our personal relationships, then we aren’t going to have good ones. Our finances would be a mess without Jesus. Our minds and emotions would be a wreck without you Him. Everything would be a mess without Jesus.
If Jesus is not the most important thing in our life, then we need to rearrange our priorities. Matthew 6:33 tells us to seek God and His kingdom first because if we don’t have first things first, then everything else will also be out of order and cause us problems. God’s way of being, doing and seeking His kingdom, is to find out how He wants things done- how to treat people, how to act in situations, how to spend money, what kind of attitude to have, and what kind of entertainment He approves of. Start today by giving Him first place in your life. He’s holding you together…He created You to follow Him. Put Him first in your life.

Today’s Prayer
God, I am nothing without You. You hold me together…in fact, You hold everything together. You are the most important thing in my life and I put You first. In Jesus name. Amen.He hoo

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How The Enemy Is Using Your Past Against You

“The only one that brings up your past is the enemy.”  When I first heard my Pastor say this I was like “Wow!” Ever since then, every time I think about my past I make sure to evaluate the root of the thought.  Is it making me happy or sad, afraid or courageous.  Nine times out of ten it’s nothing positive which tells me immediately that the enemy is trying to bind me by bringing memories from my past to the forefront.  I immediately take those thoughts captive and remind myself and the enemy that I am a new person in Christ and that just because something bad has happened to me in my past doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again.

We have to be careful with our thinking, especially as it relates to our history.   Constantly reliving mishaps of our pasts over and over again in our minds puts us in bondage! We become so afraid to do anything because we’re afraid of experiencing the failure, pain, guilt, etc. we’ve felt in the past.  Unless you’re remembering how God brought you out of a certain situation, snatch those negative thoughts out of your mind and bring them into agreement with the Word of God!  Old things passed away behold all things are new.   God wants you to focus on what’s in front of you not behind you.    

Caught Up In Confirmation

Why is it that when God gives us a Word or some form of direction for our lives we want to wait for someone else to consign His assignment for us? That’s just crazy! But we do it all the time. We look for confirmation to do what God has already told us to do. Why?  Well, most of the time it boils down to one thing, fear. The majority of the time we’re just afraid. Afraid of failure, afraid of doing the wrong thing, afraid that God’s will won’t align with our personal desires. Fear.

Waiting for someone else to assure that the Word that God gave us is real is not only crazy, it’s dangerous.  No one is more in tune to our lives and our best interests than our Lord and Savior.  Not our friends, family or even our spouse.  And the truth of the matter is, the people we love won’t always understand or agree with the things that God has told us to do.  We’re looking for confirmation from people that have no idea what greatness God has in store for us, allowing them to speak into our lives as we move in the opposite direction God has called us.  This is why our personal relationships with Christ are so critical.

Now, seeking counsel in general is not a bad thing.  Sometimes we struggle with discernment and may not be sure that it’s God leading us in a certain direction.  In those cases I would definitely recommend leveraging three keys which I’ve outlined here.  But be careful that you don’t get caught up in confirmation.  If God has told you to do something, trust His word over anyone else’s, anyone.  Even if it makes absolutely no sense at all, trust God.  Don’t let the enemy steal what God has for you because you didn’t get confirmation on your next move.  He will clear the path before you and everything will fall in place as you glorify Him along the way.

The Key To Moving Mountains 

God is moved by faith, not by need, desires or desperation. Last night the Lord put these words on my heart and I’m glad He did. Sometimes we tend to forget this and while God loves us dearly and cares about our needs and desires, it is impossible to please Him without faith. Faith is the key to activating the power of God in our lives. Read more about that here.

No matter how desperate we may be, or how badly we need something, the power of God does not move through that desperation for a fulfilled need. Our personal faith in God and His ability to provide what we need is what causes that amazing power to go to work in our situation and our lives. But that faith requires trust, and trust is built through relationship. This is one of the many reasons why our personal relationship with Christ is so important.

God is willing and able to give us what we need but, we have to believe. He is not a respecter of person, he’s a respecter of faith. When we’re trying to move mountains it helps to know what works and what doesn’t. Faith works.

Why They’re Throwing Shade At Your Vision

Sometimes God will give us a vision of what He wants us to accomplish and we get so excited that we want to share it with others. The trouble with that is not everyone is going to support your vision. Some people don’t want to imagine you accomplishing such amazing things and they will throw a ridiculous amount of shade at your vision, and you, for even thinking that you can achieve such awesomeness. What they may fail to realize is that the Holy Spirit lives on the inside of you and you can do anything through that power. On the other hand, they may know good and well of your potential but because of their own personal issues, just don’t want to see you on top.

Remember, people want to see you do better, but never better than them.  Sometimes, this statement is more true for the people closest to us than anyone else.  So, be careful who you share your vision with.  It may even be a good idea to start looking at the visions, ideas and revelations that God gives you as personal, intimate pieces of information. And unless God directs you to discuss that information with someone else start  treating it like it was only meant for the two of you.