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Owning Your Next Level Confidence

As I sit here taking in the excitement of this amazing new year God has blessed us to see, I am preparing myself to completely own my next level of confidence. In order for us to continue walking in our purpose the way God wants us to we’ve got to own this thing! Here are a few tips on how we can do just that.

Purpose – every day we wake up is full of purpose. There isn’t a day that we don’t wake up on purpose for a purpose. Realize that.

We are walking power – the power of God lives in us! Leverage that power to accomplish awesomeness.

Look good, feel good – never underestimate the power of a great fit and amazing face beat.

Work hard, pray hard – enough said

No weapon formed against you will prosper – weapons will form, but they won’t prosper. Know that!

That’s it. Let’s go conquer this new year in the name of Jesus!

A Resolution for Your New Year’s Resolution

The first of the year is fast approaching and with it many will resolve to do and be better. It’s a beautiful concept that is unfortunately very rarely carried through the year. Although I’m not big on resolutions I can appreciate a new beginning as much as anyone else. What I think we fail to realize as we wait for the new year to make these well intentioned life altering decisions is that, we have been given that same new beginning every single day in the previous year.

What truly will change from December 31 to January 1? Nothing! Yet we wait for this time to become resolute about forgiving, loving, seeking God, losing weight, finishing school etc. If we didn’t decide to have that same firm resolve any of the 365 opportunities we had in 2014, what makes us believe it will be any different in the new year? No matter how well intentioned these commitments are, if we don’t carry them out they do us no good.

The trouble is this, we have one bad day and allow the enemy to tell us that we’re not strong enough to accomplish what we set out to accomplish, and we completely give up not realizing that the very next day is like the start of a new year! God gives us fresh grace and mercy with every single day, but instead of accepting that amazing gift we fall into the trick of the enemy and instead accept defeat.

In 2015 as believers in Christ let’s make this resolution for our New Year’s Resolution, every single day before we even think about our goals we will accept God’s fresh grace and mercy. We will embrace the new opportunity of the day and approach it with the power of God that resides within us, leaving behind anything in the previous day that might hold us back from being our best. If we do that we are much more likely to stay the course, and finish whatever it is we set out to accomplish for the year.