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Ever since @jouelzy rocked my world with this incredibly dope photo staring this unique ear cuff, which you can find here, I’ve become slightly obsessed with this look. Ear cuffs are an amazing way to enhance your boldness and overall style, and with countless pieces out there the creativity is limitless. It’s an easy way to accessorize an updo or dress up a casual look.

If you haven’t gotten creatively cuffed yet, here’s some more inspiration.








It’s not abnormal for fashion to come full circle, but when I saw this style make a come back I have to say I was excited! Who didn’t love overalls growing up? I know I did. They were easy, stylish and comfortable.  As it turns out, they still meet all three criteria for awesomeness. Happy to see overalls in full fashion affect I wanted to do my part to get you all inspired with some different ways to pair them up this fall.


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Confident In Capes

Since Solange showed the world how to slay a cape, I am officially inspired with this fabulous look and ways to incorporate it into everyday wear. This classic style has the ability to take over the fall and winter seasons. From the short ultra feminine capes, to the long bold capes that search for the slightest wind with each step, these pieces catch every pair of eyes they pass. Just imagine the confidence you can build with a cape behind you. Yaasss!!

Here’s some inspiration from beauties that are confident in capes.




Solange The Fashion Slayer

I’ve never had so much fun or been so inspired doing photo research for a fashion post as I was with this one. I absolutely love this woman’s style! Just as she did this weekend during her wedding celebration, Solange seems to effortlessly slay the fashion game with every outfit she’s captured in.  From her fabulous fro to her unique style and beauty that never ceases to turn heads, today I want to highlight some of my favorite looks from Solange, The Fashion Slayer.














Cozy Cowls

As I continue getting acclimated to this fall Atlanta weather which has been feeling a lot more like winter for this born and raised Floridian, I thought it would be a good idea to check the temperatures for the week.  With lows getting all the way into the 20s I immediately started thinking about my favorite cozy and comfortable clothes.  I don’t know about you but cold weather always makes me think of comfort.   After oversized sweaters and flees socks the next item i thought of were cowl necks.  Fashionable, cozy and comfortable, these bad boys are everything I adore about fall/winter weather clothing.

Here’s a look at some beautiful cozy cowls to get you inspired.

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Pretty In Peacoats

There’s nothing quite as cozy and chic as a peacoat on a cold fall or winters day.  This wardrobe must-have has a way of making you feel so classic.  If you haven’t had a chance to pull out one just yet, the time is coming. The holiday season is perfect for pairing up a peacoat.  Greet your family and friends in classic fashion by adorning a dress and tights, leather pants and turtle neck or even jeans and a casual sweater with one of these beauties.  There are so many options that it’s hard to go wrong.  And, to get you inspired here are some lovely ladies who are definitely pretty in Peacoats.

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